KAMA fire bio-fireplaces may be used both inside as well as outside – they are resistant to weather conditions. The fireplaces will shed the magic of fire everywhere, attract people’s sight and raise positive emotions. Our fireplaces are produced in nine patterns and four standard colors. However, on your request we can offer many more colors, which will allow our products to match every décor and satisfy everyone’s sense of style.

Six of the produced patterns, the Tracino, the Anakena, the Manacor, the Garafia, the Canico and the Silba, are also available in various sizes. Their shells can be 45, 60, 75 or 100 cm high, so everyone can find something for themselves. The offer also includes three additional patterns – the small Faro, the tall and slim Parga and the small Olib with a large diameter.

KAMA fire fireplaces are extremely durable and at the same time light, which makes them mobile – you will have no difficulty in moving them to another room, to the patio or the garden. They can be with you anywhere you want to meet friends or read a book. Additionally, most of the models can be equipped with wheels, completely invisible and greatly enhancing the moving process.

Fire in our bio-fireplaces is shielded with a pipe made of heatproof glass. It is especially eye-catching as dancing flames are beautifully reflected on the cylinder’s walls. This solution also increases the safety of use and prevents the flame from being extinguished by wind. The bio-fireplaces may be purchased without the glass shield.

KAMA fire burners are technologically advanced and safe devices which ensure efficient incineration. Their special structure prevents fuel from being spilled in case the fireplace is knocked over. The time of incineration amounts to about ten hours, which is sufficient even in case of very long get-togethers with friends.

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