Bio-fireplace Garafia – timeless chic

The Garafia is distinguished by its light and delicate lines. It matches rather contemporary architecture, although it looks just as excellent in classic interiors. It does not overwhelm them but discreetly exposes its charm. The model looks good in groups of various heights and excellently matches the Parga, which has similar delicate shapes, although is more slender.
The Garafia can be found in four sizes, 45–100 cm of height.
It can be ordered in four standard colors, although more are available on request.
Optionally, a version with wheels enhancing the moving of the fireplace can be purchased. The wheels are installed in sizes M, L and XL, virtually invisible and used on even surfaces.
On our offer there are also covers protecting the device from dirt when it is not used.

Standard colors:

Size S M L XL
height (cm) 45 60 75 100
largest diameter (cm) 38 50 60 80
furnace volume (l) 0.8 1.5 2.5 4.5
fire lasting time (h) 10 10 10 10
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