KAMA fire products are made of highest quality materials and thus completely resistant to external factors – strong heat, freezing cold, solar radiation, water, fumes, air pollution and biological factors. They can be used for years both inside as well as outside.

KAMA fire bio-fireplaces fulfill mainly a decorative role, enrapturing with their beauty and shedding their charm and the magic of fire. On cold days their other function – heating – will prove as useful. How nice it is to sit in the garden or on the patio, looking at dancing flames and feeling the pleasant warmth! A bio-fireplace placed inside of the house may be the source of warmth, the use of which does not require any permits, flues, connection with an electricity or gas system or inspections. Biofuel is burned cleanly, emitting only vapor and carbon dioxide. The vapor increases air moisture, which positively influences the wellbeing of people around. There are no ashes, dirt, smoke or dangerous sparks. The bio-fireplace can be quickly and easily lit and extinguished. The whole warmth remains in the room and does not escape even partially though the chimney.

Another great advantage of our products is their mobility. The small weight of the bio-fireplace allows you to move it anyplace you want without problems, which gives you much freedom in terms of space arrangement. You can meet your friends in the garden, on the patio or in the living room – wherever you want. The magic of fire will accompany you in all those places, making you feel wonderful. The device may be placed in the middle of the room or by the wall and it will always look perfect.

Most of our bio-fireplaces may be additionally equipped with wheels so that they are easier to move. The wheels are placed in a special niche at the bottom of the shell and thus practically invisible. They are intended for smooth, even surfaces and have tires which do not make the floor dirty. The wheeled versions require more attention during use, as they can pose potential danger if pushed. The wheels are not installed in the Parga and the Faro as well as in other models sized S (height: 45 cm), except for the Olib.

Fire burning in KAMA fire fireplaces can be shielded with a special glass cylinder. This solution looks very decorative and additionally increases the safety of use. It also allows you to cherish fire in very windy weather, as the flame does not go out.

Additionally, we also offer covers for our products, which are very useful when a bio-fireplace is kept in the garden – they help keep the device clean and ready to use. The covers are watertight, although in very wet weather we still recommend moving the fireplace to a roofed area.
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