Your safety is our priority both at the stage of designing as well as producing KAMA fire bio-fireplaces. They are generally safe to use, although due to the presence of open fire and the use of inflammable liquid as fuel, potential danger may arise. In order to avoid it, please follow the rules given below:
  • Use only fuels intended for bio-fireplaces. Using replacement liquids (petrol, oil, barbecue kindling fuel, lamp oil and other) or mixing them with the actual fuel is forbidden and may cause a fire or burns.
  • Bio-fireplace fuel is inflammable. Store it in a safe place, away from fire, sources of heat and sparks. Protect the containers from being squeezed or punctured. Keep away from children. After use, always close the container.
  • Read the instruction manual carefully, make sure that you have understood everything and follow the instructions. In case of doubts, contact us or contact the distributor and ask for explanations.
  • Make sure that anyone who might use the bio-fireplace has also read and understood the instructions as well as is able to use the fireplace.
  • Do not let children or people with psychological or bodily impairments use the furnace.
  • Always place the bio-fireplace on a stable, flat and horizontal surface. In case of use in commercial or public places, you can use additional load in the form of bags with sand placed inside of the shell or water poured directly into it or in containers. It will increase the stability of the device and reduce the possibility of knocking it over.
  • Before moving the bio-fireplace someplace else, extinguish it first.
  • Never leave a burning fireplace without any supervision or in the presence of children only.
  • The distance from the furnace to inflammable objects in its vicinity should amount to at least 1.5 m. This distance should be preserved at all times and under all conditions. Pay attention to curtains, which can get close to the fire when moved by wind, and to similar dangerous situations.
  • Never add fuel to an already lit furnace – the flame may jump onto the fuel container and cause a fire or burns.
  • Before pouring fuel, wait for the furnace to cool down – heated fuel easily evaporates and its fumes may be rapidly combusted during an attempt to light them.
  • Never pour fuel above the maximum level and make sure you do not spill fuel outside the furnace. Spilled fuel must be wiped off before an attempt to light the fireplace.
  • Do not put any objects in the glass cylinder; do not try to cook or heat water or food there.
  • You should not smoke tobacco while performing any actions with the use of fuel, nor should you be under the influence of alcohol or other substances limiting your physical or mental capabilities.
  • Make sure that extinguishing media are around and that you know how to use them in case of a fire. Biofuel cannot be extinguished with water as it is lighter and will surface. A fire blanket or a dry-powder extinguisher are best.
  • To light the fire use only a lighter or long matches, always held at an angle.
  • After the flame has been extinguished, the temperature of the furnace is still high enough to cause burns.
  • While using any bio-fireplaces (also those by KAMA fire) inside, you must ensure proper ventilation. During incineration oxygen is absorbed from the air and carbon dioxide is emitted. Usually, an appropriate volume of the room and standard ventilation suffice. Additionally, one should open the window. In case of any of the following symptoms: a headache or dizziness, the feeling of drowsiness, dyspnea or other disturbing symptoms, one should extinguish the furnace and air the room – the ventilation might have been inadequate.
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