The shells of our bio-fireplaces are available in four standard colors:

signal white
(RAL 9003)
ruby red
(RAL 3003)
anthracite grey
(RAL 7016)
yellow orange
(RAL 2000)

Additionally, on request a number of other colors from the RAL or NCS palettes are available.
With such a wide choice of color options, you can match KAMA fire bio-fireplaces to every décor, patio or garden.
While choosing a color, please bear in mind that computer screens present colors in various ways and thus those may slightly differ from the actual ones specified in international color palettes.

Bio-fireplace burners are made of stainless steel with characteristic shine. As they are used, the surface may become slightly discolored as a result of the impact of high temperatures, which is a perfectly normal phenomenon.

The ring on which the glass cylinder and the furnace are placed has been made of refined stainless steel sheet, which provides interesting effects by reflecting light.
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