KAMA fire bio-fireplaces are intended for use both inside as well as outside of buildings due to the appropriate materials from which they are made.

The shells of our bio-fireplaces are produced from glass - vinylester and polyester composites. This technology is used in the construction or sea yachts. The outside colorful surface is very thick and hard, chemically and mechanically resistant and thus difficult to damage. In exceptional cases of scratches on the surface, its primary look may be restored by milling and polishing.

The shell surface is perfectly smooth and shiny, which significantly reduces the deposition of contaminants. It does not require any conservation or maintenance. In order to clean it, you can use all commonly available measures except for those containing abrasives.

KAMA fire bio-fireplace furnaces are made of special stainless steel resistant to high temperatures. They are completely waterproof and do not rust. In order to clean them, use preparations for stainless steel available in stores and intended for kitchen appliances.

The grate is produced from shiny stainless steel. In order to clean it, use preparations based on alcohol. Any measures containing abrasives may cause its surface to tarnish.

The glass cylinder shielding the flame is made of special boron and silicon glass with exceptional resistance to mechanical damage and high temperatures. This material is applied in the demanding chemical industry. In order to clean the glass, use preparations based on alcohol.

While using the bio-fireplace inside, especially during cold seasons, you must remember that the fireplace absorbs oxygen and emits carbon dioxide during incineration. In most cases an appropriately large room or standard ventilation will suffice in order to prevent stuffiness. Additionally, you may also open the window.

If you use bio-fireplaces in commercial or public places, you can increase their stability by placing additional load inside of the shell, e.g. bags with sand or water poured directly into the device or in containers. It pertains especially to the slender Parga. Such actions will significantly reduce the possibility of the device being accidentally knocked over or stolen.
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