Bio-fireplace Olib – the warmth of the hearth

The Olib has the diameter of 100 cm and is equipped with the most durable fireplace. For those reasons, it is recommended especially for gardens and other open spaces. It resembles a classic bonfire, around which people can sit and talk until late night.
Available in four standard colors and many other on request.
Additionally, the fireplace may be equipped with wheels to move it on a hard and even surface.
Covers are also offered, so that the Olib is clean when unused, awaiting another night.

Standard colors:

height (cm) 45
largest diameter (cm) 100
furnace volume (l) 4.5
fire lasting time (h) 10
Poland, Warsaw, Wólczyńska Street 208+48 22 817 95 55,   +48 22 817 95 54,   +48 22 462 32