Bio-fireplace Canico – the burning torch

The Canico’s shape matches the fire burning on it very well. It resembles a torch lighting darkness all around and looks particularly good in gardens, emitting the aura of past journeys. It is nice to dive in its brightness to talk to friends.
The Canico is available in heights of 45, 60 and 75 cm.
You can choose from four standard colors, although on your request different colors can be provided as well.
In order to make the moving of the fireplace easier, a wheeled version can be ordered. We do not offer it in the smallest size, S. The wheels are intended for use on even, smooth surfaces and hidden in the shell’s niche.
Additionally, covers are sold protecting the Canico from external conditions when it is not used.

Standard colors:

Size S M L
height (cm) 45 60 75
largest diameter (cm) 45 60 75
furnace volume (l) 0.8 1.5 2.5
fire lasting time (h) 10 10 10
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