Why are KAMA Fire's bio-fireplaces so popular?

Blame it on their merits:)

Their beautiful design makes the fireplaces perfect decorations of every interior, patio or garden. The large variety of patterns, sizes and colors will match every décor and satisfy all tastes. Importantly, we can produce a shell in almost any color on request.

The magic of real fire fascinates and attracts. Now everyone can cherish it wherever they want – bio-fireplaces do not require chimney systems, permits, electricity or gas supplies. They can be placed almost anywhere to shed their amazing charm.

Our products are light and mobile. You will easily move them wherever you want to spend time with your family or friends. Most of the models may be additionally equipped with wheels hidden under the shell, which significantly enhances the process of moving and cleaning.

Bio-fireplaces are easy and safe to use, quick to light and extinguish, clean, odorless, without harmful fumes, ashes or dangerous sparks. Incineration is very efficient – bioethanol has a high calorific value and the whole warmth is kept inside of the room. Additionally, the emitted vapor significantly improves air moisture.

Biofuel is a renewable energy resource. Its production is based on annual plant cultivation. Incineration of bioethanol produces carbon dioxide and water, which do not pollute the environment or influence our planet’s climate.

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