How is a bio-fireplace structured?

The main part of a KAMA fire fireplace is the shell, which fulfills the main decorative role and can take on various shapes, sizes and colors. In case of the wheeled option, the wheels are installed in a niche at the bottom of the shell, which makes them practically invisible, simultaneously allowing you to move the device easily on even surfaces.

In the hollow on the top part of the shell there is a refined steel plate with a burner installed on it. On this plate the glass cylinder shielding the flame is also placed. On our offer two versions of bio-fireplaces are available – with or without the glass shield.

The steel plate or its fragments can additionally be covered with a decorative surface, for instance with stones or gravel. However, we do not have those decorations on our offer and they have to be selected separately.

When the fireplace is not used, the burner aperture should be covered with the lid, which is also used to extinguish the flame.

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